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Durban: CREGGS United Kingdom Bakery swaps baby Jesus with a sausage roll

[CWT] Kesia Qulu

The global Christian community spikes outrage towards Briton’s leading bakery chain store who boasts of over 1800 outlets following a replacement of baby Jesus in a manger with a sausage roll in their 2017 christmas advent calendar. Read more…

Durban: He lived and Died like a Hero

[CWTV] Kesia Qulu

Pastor Fred Roberts died and is according to the Christian faith believed to have ascended to be with the lord Monday night. This happened on November 13, at his home in Hillcrest.  While his family and the Christian global community of friends acknowledge the pain of separation by death, they rejoice and take comfort. Read more…

The conquest of the Israelites over 3000 years ago

Saturday 24 February 2018 16:37GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

Friday 30 March to Friday April 6 2018 celebrate the freedom of exodus from slavery in Egypt for more than 3,300 years and the blood of the lamb mark. Read more…