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Durban: Mnangagwa Zimbabwe’s 3rd president the “crocodile”

[CWT] Kesia Qulu

Multitudes witness a moment of citizenry pride and victory at the swearing in the new president Emerson Mnangagwa. The new leader resembles hope and restoration to the people. The country has known no other leader since independence from white minority rule in 1980.

The newly elected better known as “crocodile” before a capacity crowd he promises to compensate white farmers, bring financial stability and urges forgiveness.Mnangagwa,75, is former Mugabe’s  enforcer occupying ministerial seat as the justice and defence. He was a confident of Mugabe for decades, a parting of alliance between them came regarding Mugabe’s wife Grace’s political ambitions.

He earned his name by being known to be ruthless, and successful at controlling people to their own advantage be it fairly or unfairly. On Tuesday 21 November 2017, true to his reputation he accomplished the unthinkable and set free the people of Zimbabwe held captive with no hope.

To see the successful execution of his plan the country underwent a process or state known as ‘coup d’Etat’ when government power and image been suddenly taken and controlled by a strong military or political group.

For 37 years Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe ruled at the cost of bloodshed, and a dire state of the economy, which lead to the fleeing of citizens in the millions to neighbouring countries and afar. On a daily basis risking their lives crossing a crocodile infested river in order to access freedom and livelihood because the provision of basic needs ceased to be a priority to him.

Mugabe was a no show on the Friday inauguration of Mnangagwa, according to a report by the herald Zimbabwe: “Two men agreed Mugabe would not attend because he ‘needed time to rest.” the ruling party officials have confirmed that he will be remaining in the country and give assurance of his safety and promise to defend his legacy as a freedom fighter who claimed independence for Zimbabwe.

Connect World Tabloid (CWT) took to the streets of Durban South Africa, a city well populated by foreign nationals from neighbouring countries to hear the people’s views, the were many mixed emotions from both the locals and visitors among many here is what they had to say.

“OH shame this people this people, their country use to be so beautiful my mother use to visit frequently when we were younger. But now it’s gone to the dogs. Okubuhlungu ukuthi nathi siya lapho ngalo mongameli wethu oyisela, kade ngilalele abanye lapha emsebenzini be bhizi bejabulela amazimbabweans ngathi, niyajabula ngabe niya khathazeka ngoba ninaniya la abaphumakhona bona.” Sfiso Ngomane

“I am so happy that my mother and I are finally going back home, we fled Zimbabwe and have been staying here since Zimbabwe’s 2008 presidential elections. During that time so much blood was shed. I watched my brother being shot before my eye; I was hiding under my bed at the time. I remember thinking to myself; if I am found out I too will die and who will take care of my mother.” Said Mr Nyerere

“Carlos Musonza entrepreneur based in South Africa says, the transition is good for Zimbabwean it was imminent and expected. The political situation was not a reflection of which we are as Zim, the current president is going to perform well till the next main elections. As a Zimbabwen I hope one day we will live to our full and true potential and become one of the leading African nations in the world. As a business person in my view Zimbabweans need 10 years to get to normal.”

The world awaits the new Zimbabwe. Back


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