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Durban Today: 3 day Pan African Cemeteries and Crematoria Conference

Monday 21 August 2017

18:00GMT [CWTV] Mandisa Shabangu and Ziphozonke Nzama

MORE than twenty (20) local municipalities along with eThekwini Municipality gathered in a three (3) day Pan African Cemeteries and Crematoria Conference that started this week Monday, which was held at Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban. Whereby there were discussions of running of out of land for burials across the country. Together with South African Local Government Association “SALGA” and South African Cemeteries Association “SACA”.

EThekwini Municipality City Manager, Sipho Nzuza said “almost ninety percent (90%) of burial space have been used in our city”. He continued by saying “now we have to find a solution to solve this matter together with SALGA and SACA. We trying to unite and set the way forward on how can we solve this problem”.

Sabelo Gwala who spoke on behalf of SALGA’s Executive Director in his address said “we must not allow people to define us as Africans, for you to observe your culture you must do exactly what they telling you to do”. He encouraged everybody especially those who come from black societies to be responsible on how can they move forward as country, they no longer going back to the injustice of the past”.

The suggestions they have is the government authorities to put together programmes in place that will ensure  proper amendment of relevant legislative and policy framework in line with available and acceptable alternative burial methods like cremation,re-use of a grave, sea burial, second interment burial and natural burial.

They suggested these methods because they do believe that many people in particular Black Africans have been burying their deceased family members following traditional customs and practices. Therefore people need to be given enough time to adjust alternative burial methods. Back