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Durban Today: Sipho Khumalo’s memorial service

Friday 29 September 2017

07:00GMT [CWTV] Mandisa Shabangu

FAMILY, friends and colleagues shared the memories of a well known journalist Sipho Khumalo who died at the age of fifty nine (59) this week Tuesday. He suffered a massive stroke, his memorial service was held at eThekwini Community Church in Durban.

He was described as one of the influential journalist in KwaZulu Natal Media and Politics. He was a Director for Community Safety and Liaison and also serving in the Department of Transport and Public Safety.

His colleagues from the Department of Community Safety and Liaison said “Mtungwa was a calibre, survived working with thirteen (13) regions “. “He had lot of laughter, he loved people in a way that he used to call us comrades even if you not in his age group. He believed in a sense of unity’’. They concluded by appreciating his family for giving them a wonderful he was.

His beloved daughter Zama Khumalo said “the tree has fallen, my dad gave us life he was a straight forward person and today ii m where i am because of him”. “He loved us and our kids, the community of Danny Dalton are also mourning with us”.

Mtungwa will be buried this week Sunday at his home in Danny Dalton. Back