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When Zulu King came to visit the Gaza envelope

Monday 20 August 2018 09:00GMT [Israel News]

On the days when there is diplomatic tension between South Africa and Israel, the king of the Zulu tribe, a very important tribe in the country, arrived to visit the Gaza envelope at the request of the Foreign Ministry. ”

I understand there are people who have an interest in saying that there is apartheid, but without coming here, they imply feed on the media,” he said in an interview with” Offer Haddad. Read more…

RDM cuts the distance through bicycles

Wednesday 14 March  2018 11:00GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

Sonyongwana High school located in the Harry Gwala District Kwazulu Natal receives 920 bikes through the merciful hand of school adoptee Rheinmetall Denel Munition.

920 Sonyongwana High School learners each receive a bicycle with the estimated value of 1,500 per unit from the open hand off Rheinmetall Denel Munition a multi-national entity based in Cape Town established in the shores of South Africa September 01 2008. Read more…


Wednesday  15 August 2018 23:30GMT[CWSN]

Ethekwini Municipality’s Durban Business Fair celebrates 20years of entrepreneural community life changing  partnerships.

The host to the gathering was an exquisite room whose walls  creatively told the 19 year tail of the vogage a year at a time.In  iterns Mayor Zandile Gumede, Philip Sithole and Cllr Madlala engaged members  of the media and  journyed through its 200 million investment, 10 thousand jobs , 15000 businesses and 50 million into SMME’s since inception in 1998. Read more…

Durban: Safety in the Workplace Engin Oil excursion  

[CWTV] Kesia Qulu


The successful management of an organizations safety programme can be credited to a number of elements in the ENGIN’s fact sheet, “Engen generally conforms to the requirements in SANAS 10234 in respect of labelling of products.  The school is fast becoming a regular recipients to the gifts in kind by the company as it received a new set of built flushable toilets from the same company last year. Read more…