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Education Meets Technology

The Kwazulu /natal Education   provincial office hosts a quality education the use of ICT innovation products to enhance better teaching process.

Over 1000 thousand Educators, Advisers and officials, 12 Districts and over 70thousand schools attended. One of the organizers from Dokkies said,” this is in line with operation Pakisa ‘ICT in Education’ by the office of the presidency aimed at producing Ethical, discerning and responsible users of information and ICT capable Learners.

Among exhibitors were the following

Ndabase Printing Solutions – An entity bringing potable and movable class to class ICT and Learner Teacher Support Material (LTSM), 40 tablets, educator laptops used to monitor and control and monitor tablets.

George Manthatha – Project Manager Demonstration to the Delegation

Computing –  A thin Client Solution enabling a vast number of users connectivity to one central server at the same time providing central management. The Device allows the educator the following benefits total control over the device, ability to intercept on learner messages, compact in size.

Vodacom ICT Centre – Umbilo Dokkies funded by Vodacom

Showcasing the Vodacom ICT Centre launched a few years ago by the KZN former Premier and MEC for Education in 2012 promoting eschool. The programmes boasts of many success stories such as, Busi Mhlongo who recently returned from the United Kingdom’s capital London where she demonstrated ICT disciplines sponsored by Vodacom ICT.

Ambassodor Dlamini explains product to the delegation


A digital Learning Solution CAPS Aligned,  adopted and used among 8 Countries around the world and 8 thousand  physical schools  and 9.1 million teachers online and offline aimed at empowering educators developed in Delhi, India. Back