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2018 academia partnership Student beneficiaries

Wednesday 14 March  2018 11:00GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

IBM and Richfield produce 29 into the IT ecosystem through Africa Skills initiative development programme.

31 South African based IT students enrolled completed and passed the IBM’s supreme Skills initiative development programme whose perusal being the positive evolution of the African continent. Before members of the media, Umhlanga’s L’Aperitivo conference centre delightfully hosted the student graduation ceremony and others.

22, year, old female Top achiever in mobile application Nolwazi Mlonzi said,” I am an orphan from the Eastern Cape through my loving aunt who paid my fees I was able to enrol for this 4 day course which was extremely challenging with a lot of work. I dedicated myself one hundred percent and through focus and commitment I achieved exceptionally, I pray and hope to find a job soon as a mobile App developer.”

Such academic and business partnerships by private sector play a cordial roles in making a reality the South African 2030 National Development Programmes whose objectives among others are to: Raise economic growth, promoting exports and making the economy more labour absorbing. Encourage citizens to be active in their own development, in strengthening democracy and in holding their government accountable. In a technocrat social transformation age humans are forced to adhere the digitalization  swift robotic and unapologetic movement of the 21st century which sees world class industry leaders such as IBM and Rich field create relevant educational programmes such as Cyber Security, Mobile Application, cloud and more  therefore thus filling a crucial gap in the the African Continent’s economic development.

The top achievement of the Richfield College made this institution the perfect IBM partner due to their uncompromising quality of educator’s competitive curriculum and courses. IBM is a 108 year old multinational global pioneering giant in the IT terrain being the brain behind some of the word’s most celebrated technologies such as groceries barcode, credit card chips and latest medical technologies in society today. In his Speech Ziaad Suleman, Chief Operations Officer for IBM recognised the efforts made by learners and parents which have lead to the day of accolades. “The question is how will you be impactful, how will you be more successful and impactful than your competitors and how will you transfer your skills? the ingredients to success have not changed they still include hard work, diligence good work ethic and networking. You will be sought after because of the content supported by IBM so you will be the best. Remember, the world is not about fancy card its about being valuable and making a difference. “

“When IBM first approached us they wanted students from us who were already employed we looked at our own diploma students 21 out of 31 students passed exams. This is a great and proud moment which attest to the success of our product we look forward to making our IBM partnership a big stable and long term success. We thank you for a beautiful relationship and because of you many have opportunities. It is left to you graduates as how many doors do you want to open. ”Said, Jay Ramnundlall, Richfield Chief Executive Officer. Back