Tuesday 19 May 2020 20:00 GMT (CWSN) Kesia Qulu The Ungungundlovu District Municipality draft annual budget wish-list proposal meeting during the Corona Virus devastated 2020/21 term, pardons not the coffers of the state and poor homes instead claims its legislative annual salary increase at 6.5% and lays a further burden of 4.5% to households and 5.5% on businesses, as resolved in its Tuesday 12, May zoom online caucus. Among others, Section 7(4) of the Local Government Municipal Performance Regulations for Municipal Managers and Managers directly accountable to Municipal Managers of 2006 “The employee’s all inclusive annual remuneration shall be adjusted annually linked to a cost of living based on economic indicators, which is not performance based” remains their brace. “While tens of thousands of residents in the municipality are struggling to make ends meet, the municipality has decided to line their pockets instead.KZN office of the MEC said that it has not yet received any correspondence in relation to the upper limits.