Friday 24 April 2020 7:05 GMT (CWSN) Kesia Qulu

The community of Lamontville South of Durban’s Radebe street wakes to looted streets and angry protest over food parcels and prejudism by ward, 74, councillor Nolubabalo Mthembu.

Against national regulations and guidelines on Coronavirus Covid-19 which stipulates stringent measures on social distancing, driven by hunger families from transitional camps risk it all and loot for food.

Law enforcement lead by warrent officer, Pitso approached and reprimanded the crowd stating that the evidence of looting and breach of COVID-19 regulations is a criminal offence punishable by law.

N.Luthuli representing the group of protesters told the officers that, ” we are poor and hungry people. We have no jobs apart from ords and sords that come our way now and then. We know that the are food parcels for people like us but unfortunately they just seem to not reach us. On Monday, we also demonstrated another outcry for food parcels and it ended with metro police and a call to her. Not only did she not come but called another community member and said,” I’m not coming to that nonsense.” Luthuli says they went to the SASA office and were sadly told that the journey to the food parcels begins with a ward councillor.

The desperate yet controllable crowed dispersed and the police, tampered justice with mercy.

Attempts to speak to councillor, Mthembu proved abortive.