Tuesday 5 April 2020 02:39 GMT (CWSN) Kesia Qulu

Heaps of money stolen from the poor through SASA social grant cards,floats in the hands of a criminal syndicate.

A highly disturbing video of countless South African Bank notes in the denominations of R200,R100,R50 and R20’s running into thousands of Rands, is distributed in the private precinct of an unknown person alongside brand new SASA grant cards waiting to collect.

In the video a voice of an ecstatic female is heard bragging about her profits as she scolds at another for being unreachable.The voice of a men who prepared this videos then narrates on how this crime is perpetrated and further makes claims of an inside job.

We are tracking this story for you and would appreciate any information regarding this matter to assist in further investigations and the delivery of a complete report.

You cal also feel free to contact SASA directly for this and other crime reports or Aid requests through the use of the following details: 0800 601 011. E-mail:gatewaycc@sita.co.za. https://web.facebook.com/ConnectWorldTV/videos/651406242089423/